Popcorn Time fork gives you anonymity via built-in VPN

Popcorn Time caused quite a stir a few months ago; it was called “Pirate Netflix” and for a good reason. It was of course shut down, but not before its source code was out in the open. And since this is the internet, a dozen forks have appeared since then. One of them now promises to keep you a bit safer from prying eyes.

Time 4 Popcorn is one of those forks that quickly grabbed our attention; they even provide an Android client. Now their desktop client has been updated with VPN built-in, so you can watch your movies without having exposure to worry about. Torrent Freak run an article on them; here’s a part of it:

Time4Popcorn is one of the most users reincarnations of Popcorn Time. The team behind the project has introduced several new features to their version, including TV-show listings and Android support.

These changes definitely increased the appeal of the application, but there was a threat lurking around the corner. In common with all other BitTorrent-based software, copyright holders are actively monitoring the activities of people who pirate their works.

This already resulted in fines for German users of a Popcorn Time fork, but users in the United States and other regions where copyright trolls are active face the same risk. To counter this “threat” the Time4Popcorn team decided to implement a VPN feature, for free.

“Throughout these last months we realized that making the ultimate watching experience for everyone is important. However, something that is even more important to us is that everyone will be able to get this experience without risking themselves,” the Time4Popcorn team tells TorrentFreak.

The news about the settlement requests prompted the developers to include a VPN option to anonymize use of their client.

Head over to the source to check out the rest of the article.


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