On to Warsaw!

It’s been ages since I’ve updated this blog; I know. But I believe this is about to change. Anyway, lots of good stuff coming up next week, plus I have a certain trip to do

On a totally unrelated note, I really wanted to install Windows Home Server yesterday – I had even assembled an older PC (AthlonXP 3000+, nForce4-SLI mobo, Radeon 9700 Pro :heart:, 2GB DDR1) for that; but my 40GB Hard disk felt unloved since the OS requests 65GB on installation. A big wtf from me to MS for that :confused:

On the gaming front, I am trying really hard to like NBA Live 08. It’s certainly one of the buggiest games I’ve ever played, that’s for sure. There are various issues that infuriate me, mostly the fact that every time I load my season I have to go and change the keyboard layout and customize the camera when the game starts because for some strange reason they don’t get saved! When an opposite player is at the free throw line, you can forget getting a rebound after a missed free throw because your player is glued to the floor. And other annoyances. The biggest one of all though should be the 3-pointers. I can’t for the life of me score outside the 3-point line, and you are talking to a guy who had mastered the run-and-gun style of play, with pick-and-rolls to get the free player etc. So now it’s more of an inside game for me. Plus, the game seems easier for some reason now, the CPU is less of a challenge; I’ve played 10 season games with the Phoenix Suns, I have a 10-0 record so far (I am playing on Superstar) and the usual wins are by 15+ points difference. I really hope they’ll fix the obvious stuff with a patch, but I am not holding my breath :bleh:

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