So, on to work!

I was in Munich from Monday to Wednesday, and it was a fun trip – I met up with Lars Weinand and we discussed strategies, where AMD currently has the upper hand and what we need to do to commute that to the press and the public. It’s an exciting thing for me, basically because times are continually changing and with a position like mine, I have to constantly adapt to new challenges. I believe I can handle it though I loved the trip for one more reason: I hadn’t spoken any Deutsch for about seven years, and this was a perfect opportunity for me to see whether I remember anything. Well, to be honest, the first day was hilarious because I could understand maybe 10% of what I heard, but the second day was much better, with the percentage rising to 60%! That actually made me hopeful that I’ll be able to converse in German again very soon, which is good.

As an added bonus, I met up with Terry Makedon on Tuesday night and we went out for some dinner (thanks again Almut for the recommendation!). I hadn’t seen him for over eight months, so it was catch up time mostly. Oh, and I also fell in love with the waitress that served us

Apart from all that, it’s business as usual. I went to see the progress of my car today, and I am hopeful that by early next week the comrad shall be mine again

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