How LEDs are made

It’s a slow news day (it’s the weekend after all), so it’s a perfect opportunity to grab your tablet and read interesting things. I caught a pretty interesting pictorial over at Sparkfun concerning how LEDs are made, with images from the factory and the whole LED making process.Here’s a part of the article:

During the 2014 trip to China, our supplier YunSun was kind enough to pick us up in Shenzhen and give us a tour of their factory.

Although SparkFun has been using and selling LEDs for over 10 years, I had never seen or really understood how they were made. I let Merry Xiao, our main contact at YunSun, know that we were very interested in learning, so she arranged to give us a tour on a Saturday when the factory was closed. We were extremely grateful!

You can look at the rest here.

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