Crysis at Crytek: financial issues trouble developer

In a world dominated by the Unreal engine, the Cryengine was a breath of fresh air; the Crysis developer had developed an engine with awesome visuals that pushed the limits of the current graphics cards, and licensed it for a great price.

The development studio is facing financial difficulties at the moment, severe enough that many predict that only bankruptcy is a viable option. How did they get there though? VR-Zone has a good article concerning Crytek’s issues, which explains a lot of things about the developer and its choices. Here’s a small part:

But CryTek is facing a two-fold problem: developers don’t seem to be interested in the CryEngine, and the company is hemorrhaging cash after significantly ramping up manpower to get its Xbox One exclusive Ryse out the door on schedule – which was a dud for sales. According to DSOGaming’ssummary of a report from the German magazine Gamestar, the company is in such bad financial shape that its only option might be to declare bankruptcy. Reportedly, employees are leaving and a number of companies are reportedly waiting to snatch up IP should the company declare bankruptcy and put its assets on the auction block.

Head over to VR-Zone for the rest of the article.

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