Steam Summer Sale is a go!

steamsummersaleThe annual Steam Summer Sale just kicked off today, and gamers from all over the world are prepared to fork their hard-earned cash for some excellent gaming deals.

Valve has made the Steam Summer Sale an annual event, and brought a mini revolution to PC Gaming since. Great titles at dirt-cheap prices are very hard to resist anyway; and this year’s line up is no different. The Summer Sale kicks off with these deals (European prices as the site’s based in Europe):

  • DayZ for €20.39
  • XCOM : Enemy Unknown for €4.99
  • Preorder Dead Rising 3 for €37.49
  • The Witcher 2 : Assassin’s Kings for €3.99
  • Far Cry 3 for €4.99
  • Don’t Starve for €3.74
  • Democracy 3 for €7.81
  • Rebellion: Sins of a Solar Empire for €7.39
  • Divinity : Original Sin for €31.99

Plus don’t forget the Flash Sales, which update every 8 hours; right now Mirror’s Edge is up for €2.49 and Devil May Cry is 75% off at €9.99. So wave your cash goodbye and head over to Steam to buy some great games! And while you’re at it, check out the Summer Sale Survival Guide over at Shacknews. Because yes; there is one of those too.

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