Get EXT3/EXT4 support under Windows 8/8.1

A big percentage of Linux users have both Linux and Windows installed on their PC; and they dual-boot appropriately. There comes a time though, when you need access to your Linux files while in Windows. Fortunately, there is a way to do it.

The Ext2Fsd project has been updated after quite a while (now is at version 0.52), and it includes support for the latest versions of Windows. Namely, it adds Windows 8 support, force-writing support, numerous bug-fixes, and supports many of the EXT3/4 file-system features under Windows. Features still missing from this open-source EXT file-system driver for Windows includes journaling support, extents support, performance improvements, LVM support, and other functionality – but it’s definitely a good thing to have in a time of need.

So head over to the project’s website and grab it if you need it.

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