Price cuts on the Surface 2, now that version 3 is out

The new version of Surface was announced to much fanfare a few weeks ago, but Surface 2 is still a very capable tablet / PC with less than a year on its back. It’s getting cheaper too.

Surface 2 Pro (not to be confused with Surface 2 RT, which runs on ARM architecture) is a great laptop and tablet, has already received many updates and it’s great for every occasion. I saw an article over at Slashgear that mentions price cuts for the already existing models, ahead of the Surface 3 retail availability:

As far as that price goes, it’s not normal business practice to have a newer and better flagship cost less than the previous generation. And so Microsoft is taking the Surface Pro 2 figures down a notch. The lowly 64 GB version will now cost $799 instead of $899. The 128 GB model gets a similar $100 price cut from $999 to $899. The savings on the two higher models are more significant, with the 256 GB at $1,099 and the 512 GB at $1,599, both $200 cheaper than their original prices.

The old price tiers will then be taken up by the Surface Pro 3, starting at $799 at the lowest, but practically more than that because you’ll definitely want to get a Type Cover to complete the deal.

Looks like a good deal to me.

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