Rumour mill of the day: NVIDIA to release three new cards in October

We had a feeling NVIDIA was going to release something in October this year, but the newest from the rumour mill is that they will release not one, but three new cards targeting different market segments.

NVIDIA is in the final stages of producing its GM204 graphics core, which is based on the second-generation Maxwell architecture and is made using 28nm process technology. This core will be used to power the all new Geforce GTX 880 and 870 – but there’s also a Geforce GTX 860 in the pipeline, which will be a midrange part and will ber using a cut down version of the same chip. We are not sure yet about the performance these parts will bring, but extrapolating from past releases, we can expect the new GTX 870 to match the GTX 780 in performance, and the new GTX 880 to score even higher. Unless of course we have a surprise in store for us, since other rumours suggest that the GM204 is not as complex a chip as the current GK110.

We should be able to hear more about NVIDIA’s plans later this year, so stay tuned.

Source: KitGuru


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