Upcoming Geforce GTX880 to be cheaper?

It’s the rumour mill all over again, but hey, we love a good rumour when we see it.

Hilbert over at Guru3D reports that there are information coming from Asia (where else) that the upcoming replacements for the Geforce GTX 7xx line of cards will be cheaper than the current generation. Here’s a snip from the article:

The new Maxwell cards will offer quite a bit more performance (well doh), but the interesting rumor here is that the cards would become much cheaper opposed to the pricing levels you currently see with the 780 series. That by itself would be good news, as the current lineup is hurting the market with over-inflated price levels.

New reports also indicate that there will be one 20nm Maxwell product later in 2014, though that could be the GTX 880 we likely think it would be the mid-range segment product as 20nm is creating a big can of worms in terms of yields from the looks of things. The road towards 20nm is a complex one. Regardless, we can’t wait to see some new gear as both AMD and Nvidia did respin their products a bit too often in our honest opinion.

A very interesting development, if indeed true; prices have gone up the past couple of years so we need some cheaper faster cards. Hopefully NVIDIA will realise that and make a move. Check out the full article here.

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