…and a Happy New Year!

So… 2007 is upon us eh. First of all, may I wish a very merry Happy New Year to whomever reads these lines and actually cares what’s up in the Kombatant Lair these days. The past week was rather uneventful, which is definitely a good thing – not much happening at work, 15min drive to get there (gotta love it when Athens is empty due to vacations :)), heaven I tell you!

Oh, I got myself a new toy, as you can probably see in the image that accompanies this post. Yup, I am back to Nokia, and this time I got myself a proper Symbian phone, the N80 (black edition of course). This thing has practically everything + the kitchen sink, and it should keep me occupied for quite a while. I especially love the fact that it’s got Wi-Fi capabilities, so I can connect easily to my wireless ADSL router here at home and browse the net without having to sit in front of my PC. Plus, I’ve downloaded a whole bunch of cool apps, including VNC clients, media players and so on and so forth. If only the battery would last longer (only two days)… :bleh:

By the way, I think I made up my mind about what distro I will use. OpenSUSE is nice et al, but something doesn’t quite click about it. I don’t know how to put it really, it’s just not a distro that’ll make a fan out of you. So I’ll probably install Gentoo at some point (unless I chicken out and go back to Ubuntu – yeah I know, my decisiveness is mind-blowing :p)

So Happy New Year Everyone, and don’t believe ALL the R600 rumours that are flying around these days

P.S As you probably noticed I changed the top graphic somewhat – this comes from a great wallpaper I found over at interfacelift.com, and to be more specific, from Pacific City by Chris Fenison.

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