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Usually I don’t have time to hack stuff, but tonight I started looking for hacks for the new Blogger, and I found many – it seems many people are already hacking their code into the new Blogger, and that’s definitely a good thing. I’ve had the tabs for a while now, and they are very convenient to navigate the blog, as it gets larger. Well, today I added two more: as you can probably see, the larger posts have a Read More… link, which expands when clicked to show the full post. Other than that, I added link preview functionality via, which is also pretty cool to look at.

I’ve also looked around to see what WordPress can do, and I must say, some of the plugins that exist are too cool – of course you need a proper host to have all that, but nevermind. It feels like a whole new world to explore to me, and since I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a site of my own, I think I’ll do just that Here are some of the blogs I’ve found that deal with Blogger hacks:

Hoctro’s Place
Beautiful Beta
Blogger Hacked

To sum up this post, I wanted to introduce you lot to Windows Live Writer. Yes, it’s from Microsoft, and it’s a mini-word processor especially for blogs. And yes, apart from Windows Live Spaces, it also works with Blogger. As a matter of fact, this very post is made with WLW. Here is the website where you can get it from:

Edit: I modified the top graphic a bit with the help of The Gimp, and also finished modifying a script a while ago, that allows me to use the most common Rage3D smileys over here. Here’s an example: :p :drool: :bleh: :evil: :wtf: :wave: :confused: :rolleyes: :Pics:

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