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Watch Windows 10 in action

Windows 9 10 is coming along nicely, and we should have an official build from Microsoft to play with shortly. But there are also leaked builds and WinFuture took it upon them to record a video with its new features.

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AMD refreshing its FX CPU lineup

Summer is over and AMD lifted the curtain to update its FX CPU lineup yesterday. There are a couple of new parts there, plus new lower prices to entice enthusiasts to take a second look at its offerings.

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The Tech world will never be the same: Anand retiring from Anandtech

Anand Lal Shimpi’s AnandTech has been there from the start – even since it was simply Anand’s Hardware Tech Page and there were other sites long gone now, like my old-time favourite Voodoo Extreme (RIP Billy “Wicked” Wilson). So it feels like an era is coming to a end now that Anand has announced his retirement from the site.

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Does your favourite site have a pro-Apple bias? This could be the reason.

Apple probably has one of the most effective PR teams in the world. With new products coming our way soon, you can see selective leaks and reports and scoops and whatnot all over the place, keeping the public interest at its peak. A small circuit board inside the new iPhone? Most exciting news ever. And so on. But they don’t stop there.

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