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Does your favourite site have a pro-Apple bias? This could be the reason.

Apple probably has one of the most effective PR teams in the world. With new products coming our way soon, you can see selective leaks and reports and scoops and whatnot all over the place, keeping the public interest at its peak. A small circuit board inside the new iPhone? Most exciting news ever. And so on. But they don’t stop there.

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Apple partners with IBM for the enterprise

In a move unheard of for the old Apple (which saw IBM as something like the devil), IBM and Apple announced a partnership that will allow IBM too sell Apple’s iPads and iPhones to its massive network of business customers.

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Apple at WWDC 2014: What you need to know

It was Apple’s big day yesterday, and all the internet is buzzing with excitement, especially those Apple fanboys we all know and love. WWDC 2014 had indeed some exciting moments and revelations, so if you want to really know what the fuss is about, carry on reading.

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