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~kombatant/lair becomes Digital Lair!

This site started out as a personal hobby of mine; merely a place to write down thoughts and things that I find very interesting. But I decided that I wanted to do so much more with it; explore new subjects, write original content, bring new people on board.. and that couldn’t be done with a personal blog. Enter Digital Lair. This is more than a site rename, mind you; the site will grow design-wise along with the content. We are also planning to expand to new topics, write interesting articles and our goal is to always have something interesting for...


A fresh start! (take #90873)

For the past few years I’ve been rather silent in the writing department. I had a column over at Rage3D for some time, imaginatively called Kombuting (you can find it here under Rage3D Editorials) but for the past year, there was nothing from me. So I decided to do something about it. First of all, I revamped this blog; transferred it to WordPress hopefully with great success. So here’s the plan. This will be a plaform to share my thoughts on everything currently making the headlines, whether that’s some new graphics card that costs one gazillion dollars, new tablets and...

Late Happy New Year! 0

Late Happy New Year!

Wow, haven’t updated my blog in ages! I have promised to do so about one million times, so this one is no different :p For those of you that are interested, you can also catch me on Twitter, on


Easter holidays!!

So I am off tomorrow morning to Georgitsi, a beautiful village in the Taygetos mountain near Sparta. I’ll be heading there with some friends to have a good time, and spend the Easter holidays. So unless excessive amounts of food and alcohol take up all of my time, I plan to do some reading as well; I’ll take Dexter by Design with me, the new novel by Jeff Lindsay, to see what happens when Dexter returns from his honeymoon in Paris I return to Athens on Monday, but I don’t plan on sticking around. I’ll probably go to Larissa on...

Yes… a refresh… 1

Yes… a refresh…

After quite a while, I decided to ditch the old blog template – I like this one much better. Of course it’s still largely uncustomized, so I’ll update it in the following days. … and yes, I’ll try to update more often

Whoops… 0


Counter was not working. Fixt I am also going to Muenchen for the first time tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to remember my Deutsch, for which my vocabulary is non-existent these days. But I trust that it’ll all come back to me eventually