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Valve places new regional restrictions on Steam gifts

It seems Valve has placed new restrictions concerning gifted Steam games which forbid the games to be played outside the country they were bought on. According to a rather lengthy Reddit discussion, this restriction is active since December 2014, when Valve placed limits to gifts between different regions.


John Romero working on new shooter

Some of you might remember a time when first-person shooters were the pinnacle of PC gaming, and John Romero was at the center of that for quite some time. He co-created Doom at id Software, and then went off to make, what he thought was going to be a big hit, Daikatana all the way back in 2000. Well, Romero is back, and he’s teasing that he is working on another shooter.


Original Firefly cast reunited for upcoming game

Firefly holds a dear place in every sci-fi fan’s heart after all these years; and we were thrilled last year when at San Diego’s Comic-Con, it was announced that a new game called Firefly Online. This year brought some more excellent news.