New month, new challenges!

March! Winter is behind us (although I do wonder what kind of winter this was; it seemed more like a prolonged Autumn here in Greece) and it’s the time to start something new. As I blogged last week, as of today I no longer work for Siemens. Instead I will be helping out a little company called Advanced Micro Devices, or AMD in short. I don’t believe in karma and stuff like that, but I find it a strange turn of events that I will be able to work with the company I have been a supporter since I first got a computer – just the fact that in my 15 years of owning a PC, I’ve only owned three non-AMD processors (and trust me, I have upgraded more than three times :p) should tell all. I will be helping out as a Technical PR Manager for European Online Media, a far cry from the C++ programming I did for Siemens the past year.

Because of that, I had to resign from my SuperModerator status in both Rage3D and Driverheaven, which was kind of awkward because up until a month ago I never saw myself doing a thing like that. I also had to stop being a freelancer for PC Magazine here in Greece, for the same reasons, which are pretty self-explanatory I believe.

So, as I said, new month, new challenges ahead – hopefully all will go well

P.S Wonder if I should start dropping hints on future AMD products in order to increase my blog’s visibility now :sherlock:

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6 Responses

  1. Jander says:

    Congrats you lucky bastard I bet Alex is drooling with all the hardware you’ll be getting for him

  2. Dan you’re jealous again, aren’t you :bleh:

    Thx for your kind words my friends

  3. Dan (Alpha) says:

    Why you gotta spread these lies about stepping down?

    You were clearly stripped of your powers for the drunken pictures you posted in the moderator forum.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wish you all the best my friend!

    Joe (Vengie)

  5. Congats Pano for your new job plans – wish the best

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