Author: Pete Vagiakos

New functionality added 0

New functionality added

Usually I don’t have time to hack stuff, but tonight I started looking for hacks for the new Blogger, and I found many – it seems many people are already hacking their code into the new Blogger, and that’s definitely a good thing. I’ve had the tabs for a while now, and they are very convenient to navigate the blog, as it gets larger. Well, today I added two more: as you can probably see, the larger posts have a Read More… link, which expands when clicked to show the full post. Other than that, I added link preview functionality...


…and a Happy New Year!

So… 2007 is upon us eh. First of all, may I wish a very merry Happy New Year to whomever reads these lines and actually cares what’s up in the Kombatant Lair these days. The past week was rather uneventful, which is definitely a good thing – not much happening at work, 15min drive to get there (gotta love it when Athens is empty due to vacations :)), heaven I tell you! Oh, I got myself a new toy, as you can probably see in the image that accompanies this post. Yup, I am back to Nokia, and this time...

Merry Christmas! 0

Merry Christmas!

…well, even if a bit late. Lots of alcohol, lots of food these days, I desperately need to digest all this stuff I’ve eaten – well, that’s the true Greek spirit so I can’t complain I think I also recharged the batteries quite a bit this long weekend (Sat-Tue), and I needed that. Now I’ve got a couple of articles for PC Magazine Greece in the pipeline (I work there as a freelancer in case some of you don’t know), and debating with myself whether I should stick to openSUSE or change my distro once again and go back to...

Fix for Vista Help and Support: At last! 0

Fix for Vista Help and Support: At last!

For quite a few days I’ve been getting the dreaded “Internet Explorer cannot download / from help” error whenever I wanted to open a Help file in Windows Vista. It seems our good ol’ MS decided to make Windows Help and Support expect the value to be text/xml for the Content Type String Value of .xml files. Anything else breaks Vista’s Help And Support. Thankfully, the Internet is a wonderful place, and by following the instructions from Kristian Kenney’s blog it is fixed once and for all (well, until it breaks again, that is). Umm, yay, I guess…


Installing Linux : Reloaded

Many of you may remember my previous journal entry about Installing Linux – you can still find in on Driverheaven if you are curious. Well, after one and a half year that has passed, it’s a good opportunity to do a part 2, since a couple of days ago I decided to reinstall my Linux partition. The reason was rather simple really; I like toying with stuff all the time, and when you do plumbing after plumbing, the poor OS at some point sits down and says “I won’t take this anymore! Reinstall me!”. Well, I found some time the...


New avatar day!

Well, I practically changed my avatar in every main forum I post (and on MSN too :p). Here’s the original: As for the new sig (Pain and misery always hit the spot, Knowing you can’t lose what you haven’t got), many of you probably recognised it as a snip from Depeche Mode’s Lillian. It’s taken from some personal stuff I am going through right now. Oh, and thanks Olga