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GPUs and IQ: where we are today

I had a talk a while ago with my friend ChrisRay about IQ. The reason was Ratchet’s excellent 8800GTX article here: , and this in particular: As you can see in that comparison, the Radeon looks sharper in distant texture than the Geforce so it could be an AF issue. Anyway, ChrisRay was telling me that it’s probably a LoD issue instead, and if the LoD was to be unclamped, everything would be peachy. So I started looking at the screenshots back and forth, and then it hit me: here I am, looking at three screenshots for more...

Windows Sidebar: where are the gadgets? 6

Windows Sidebar: where are the gadgets?

I am getting semi-irrirated by the lack of any decent gadgets for Windows Sidebar (yes, we’re still talking about Vista here). There isn’t even a decent Weather object out there with proper International support (the one that comes bundled with the sidebar gives me a nice “Service not available in your language or region” error.. thx MS!). Hopefully as Vista hits retail things will be much better in that aspect.


At last – Windowblinds for Vista!

Being an Object Desktop subscriber sure has its perks – Windowblinds 5.5 for Windows Vista (beta) is out, and it was about time, because I was already getting tired of the same theme all the time.


Windows Vista benchmarks

Here are some benchmarks on my X1900XTX running with the help of an Abit AW9D-MAX and an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 at a mere 3.6GHz. On air. With a 0.1V increase. FTW.


Geforce 8800GTX pics

Having some fun with the fastest graphics card out there: Compared to the X1650XT, this card is…well…big …so if you have a badly-designed motherboard, prepare yourselves for something like this: And here’s what happens, when you try to give birth to CrossfireSLI(tm):

OMGHi2U!!1! – Reloaded 0

OMGHi2U!!1! – Reloaded

Here we go again… another start. This time, from Blogger. We’ll see what stays and what doesn’t, I am still experimenting. This is obviously a personal website in the making. So for now you will have to settle for this much. I’ll update it whenever I can