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New month, new challenges! 6

New month, new challenges!

March! Winter is behind us (although I do wonder what kind of winter this was; it seemed more like a prolonged Autumn here in Greece) and it’s the time to start something new. As I blogged last week, as of today I no longer work for Siemens. Instead I will be helping out a little company called Advanced Micro Devices, or AMD in short. I don’t believe in karma and stuff like that, but I find it a strange turn of events that I will be able to work with the company I have been a supporter since I first...

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Everything that has a beginning, has an end… 2

Everything that has a beginning, has an end…

An era comes to an end when this month closes. The reason is simple: I quit my job over at Siemens. It was a great year, in which I learned many new things, and hopefully I helped my colleagues and the company I currently work for. But, I can hear you ask, what are you going to do? Well, the reason I quit is because I got a job offer I simply could not refuse. Obviously some people who talk to me privately already know what this is all about, but I’d rather not reveal what I am going to...

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And yes, an update!

I haven’t updated this blog in ages, and there’s proper reason for that: too much work these days. I think I’ll start hating C++ (yes, that bad). Anyway, apart from that, I decided to stick with openSUSE for now, and not only that, but I’ve completed the configuration of my OS just the way I like it. Yes, I kept notes too, which simply means that the second part of last month’s OpenSource Journal is on the way. Not much else really… the next post will probably be the Journal entry, I’ll try to finish it within the upcoming weekend....

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New functionality added 0

New functionality added

Usually I don’t have time to hack stuff, but tonight I started looking for hacks for the new Blogger, and I found many – it seems many people are already hacking their code into the new Blogger, and that’s definitely a good thing. I’ve had the tabs for a while now, and they are very convenient to navigate the blog, as it gets larger. Well, today I added two more: as you can probably see, the larger posts have a Read More… link, which expands when clicked to show the full post. Other than that, I added link preview functionality...

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…and a Happy New Year!

So… 2007 is upon us eh. First of all, may I wish a very merry Happy New Year to whomever reads these lines and actually cares what’s up in the Kombatant Lair these days. The past week was rather uneventful, which is definitely a good thing – not much happening at work, 15min drive to get there (gotta love it when Athens is empty due to vacations :)), heaven I tell you! Oh, I got myself a new toy, as you can probably see in the image that accompanies this post. Yup, I am back to Nokia, and this time...

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Merry Christmas! 0

Merry Christmas!

…well, even if a bit late. Lots of alcohol, lots of food these days, I desperately need to digest all this stuff I’ve eaten – well, that’s the true Greek spirit so I can’t complain I think I also recharged the batteries quite a bit this long weekend (Sat-Tue), and I needed that. Now I’ve got a couple of articles for PC Magazine Greece in the pipeline (I work there as a freelancer in case some of you don’t know), and debating with myself whether I should stick to openSUSE or change my distro once again and go back to...

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