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Fix for Vista Help and Support: At last! 0

Fix for Vista Help and Support: At last!

For quite a few days I’ve been getting the dreaded “Internet Explorer cannot download / from help” error whenever I wanted to open a Help file in Windows Vista. It seems our good ol’ MS decided to make Windows Help and Support expect the value to be text/xml for the Content Type String Value of .xml files. Anything else breaks Vista’s Help And Support. Thankfully, the Internet is a wonderful place, and by following the instructions from Kristian Kenney’s blog it is fixed once and for all (well, until it breaks again, that is). Umm, yay, I guess…

Windows Sidebar: where are the gadgets? 6

Windows Sidebar: where are the gadgets?

I am getting semi-irrirated by the lack of any decent gadgets for Windows Sidebar (yes, we’re still talking about Vista here). There isn’t even a decent Weather object out there with proper International support (the one that comes bundled with the sidebar gives me a nice “Service not available in your language or region” error.. thx MS!). Hopefully as Vista hits retail things will be much better in that aspect.


At last – Windowblinds for Vista!

Being an Object Desktop subscriber sure has its perks – Windowblinds 5.5 for Windows Vista (beta) is out, and it was about time, because I was already getting tired of the same theme all the time.