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On to Warsaw! 0

On to Warsaw!

It’s been ages since I’ve updated this blog; I know. But I believe this is about to change. Anyway, lots of good stuff coming up next week, plus I have a certain trip to do On a totally unrelated note, I really wanted to install Windows Home Server yesterday – I had even assembled an older PC (AthlonXP 3000+, nForce4-SLI mobo, Radeon 9700 Pro :heart:, 2GB DDR1) for that; but my 40GB Hard disk felt unloved since the OS requests 65GB on installation. A big wtf from me to MS for that :confused: On the gaming front, I am trying...

Back from Tunis! 2

Back from Tunis!

AMD’s X2000 launch in Tunis was a success in my opinion, and here I am, back in Greece. Now the difficult part begins, where I have to be in constant contact with everyone before the NDA lifts, but it’s fun Once the NDA lifts I am going to post pictures and several other stuff, but until then, hold on to your horses!

So, on to work! 0

So, on to work!

I was in Munich from Monday to Wednesday, and it was a fun trip – I met up with Lars Weinand and we discussed strategies, where AMD currently has the upper hand and what we need to do to commute that to the press and the public. It’s an exciting thing for me, basically because times are continually changing and with a position like mine, I have to constantly adapt to new challenges. I believe I can handle it though I loved the trip for one more reason: I hadn’t spoken any Deutsch for about seven years, and this was...


GPUs and IQ: where we are today

I had a talk a while ago with my friend ChrisRay about IQ. The reason was Ratchet’s excellent 8800GTX article here: , and this in particular: As you can see in that comparison, the Radeon looks sharper in distant texture than the Geforce so it could be an AF issue. Anyway, ChrisRay was telling me that it’s probably a LoD issue instead, and if the LoD was to be unclamped, everything would be peachy. So I started looking at the screenshots back and forth, and then it hit me: here I am, looking at three screenshots for more...


Windows Vista benchmarks

Here are some benchmarks on my X1900XTX running with the help of an Abit AW9D-MAX and an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 at a mere 3.6GHz. On air. With a 0.1V increase. FTW.


Geforce 8800GTX pics

Having some fun with the fastest graphics card out there: Compared to the X1650XT, this card is…well…big …so if you have a badly-designed motherboard, prepare yourselves for something like this: And here’s what happens, when you try to give birth to CrossfireSLI(tm):