500 games for Linux available on Steam

Once upon a time, the combination of the words “Linux” and “Games” in the same sentence would raise eyebrows. Then Steam happened.

It was published by Phoronix the other day but I must have missed it; it seems that the Steam Linux library has reached 500 games. Which is quite a few by any standards:

The Steam software is up to hosting 500 Linux games with 467 single-player games, 120 multi-playergames, 81 cross-platform multi-player games, and 61 co-op games are available at the time of writing. The current unique top sellers within Steam are Rust, Crusader Kings II Collection, Football Manager 2014, Garry’s Mod, Among the Sleep, Starbound, Counter-Strike: Source, and BattleBlock Theater.

With Valve pushing its Steam OS (a Linux distribution at heart) full speed ahead, and major titles like The Witcher 3 announcing support, it seems Linux gaming will be a reality shortly.

Source: Phoronix

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