10 insanely useful Windows programs to have in a time of crisis

Lifehacker has a great article published, about the lesser known, but equally important Windows utilities, that everyone should have ready in a time of need.

I mean, we all know programs like Firefox, WinRAR, VLC, but there are others that are guaranteed to save you hours of trouble. Here’s a part of the article:

5. Process Explorer

The Windows Task Manager can show you a lot of information about what programs are running, and usually it does what you need it to. But on the rare occasions you need more information—like if you’re trying to figure out which program is using your webcam, for example—you need Process Explorer. Process Explorer is one of the many Task Manager alternatives out there, offering information on what files are currently in use, what hardware, and what each program is doing. If the regular Task Manager isn’t giving you the info you need, Process Explorer will.

Check out the rest of the list over at Lifehacker

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