10Gbps Wi-Fi transmission speed achieved by Huawei

Wireless networks are all the rage these days, with speeds constantly improving. With 802.11ac starting to gain adoption, companies around the world are struggling to come up with the next big thing. So it’s not surprising to read that Huawei, one of the biggest information and communications technology solutions provider globally, has announced the successful testing of the industry’s first 10Gbps Wi-Fi service in laboratory trials at the company’s campus in Shenzhen, China.

In a press release, they announced that the test delivered data over Wi-Fi 10 times faster than the fastest existing commercially available Wi-Fi capability, by achieving a record transmission data rate of 10.53Gbps on 5GHz frequency bands. The company expects this technology, which will be known as 802.11ax when it’s finalised, to be available to consumers by 2018.

Click for the full Huawei press release.

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