Surface 3 details slowly emerge

Microsoft is holding a press event this Tuesday, and naturally the Internet has gone rampant about what it could be for. Actually no; everyone knows that they’ll probably release a new Surface line of devices. Now Windows Phone Central has come out what some details of what the guys from Redmond are planning.

So it seems the Surface 3 is confirmed after all; here are some details:

For the Surface Pro 3, which is now confirmed as being a real device, there will be five versions offered with varying pricing and configurations:

  • i3-4GB RAM-64GB – $799
  • i5-4GB RAM-128GB – $999
  • i5-8GB RAM-256GB – $1299
  • i7-8GB RAM-256GB – $1549
  • i7-8GB RAM-512GB – $1949

As mentioned above, there will also be new Type covers, though it’s not known what – if anything – is new about them. Considering the Surface Pro 3 is expected to be a larger device (possibly in the 12 inch range), it would make sense that large Type covers would be required.

You can catch the rest of the article over at Windows Phone Central.

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