Nokia joining the Justice League

So Nokia Microsoft is full steam ahead with releasing new Windows Phones out there. And keeping up with the Superman theme (don’t forget that they released a Lumia 925 Superman edition) they actually codenamed an upcoming handset as Superman.

Unfortunately, it won’t be true to its name because it is designed to be a 4.7 incher for the midrange segment. BUT, it has a very interesting feature: a 5 Megapixel camera at the front. Which means that all of you Instagrammers will be able to make more selfies than ever! In all seriousness though, after its Nokia acquisition, Microsoft is poised to released more and more Windows Phones, with at least two more planned for the rest of the year. Add that to the fact that Windows Phone 8.1 is getting a couple of updates as well, with the first one expected in the mid-summer timeframe, and things are looking up for the troubled platform, which has seen some slow momentum building the past months.

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