Author: Pete Vagiakos


Rick Dangerous, the original Tomb Raider

25 years ago, one of the greatest platformers ever hit the market; it was called Rick Dangerous and the older gamers amongst you will certainly recognise the fedora wearing hero with the revolver and remember his adventures fondly.


~kombatant/lair becomes Digital Lair!

This site started out as a personal hobby of mine; merely a place to write down thoughts and things that I find very interesting. But I decided that I wanted to do so much more with it; explore new subjects, write original content, bring new people on board.. and that couldn’t be done with a personal blog. Enter Digital Lair. This is more than a site rename, mind you; the site will grow design-wise along with the content. We are also planning to expand to new topics, write interesting articles and our goal is to always have something interesting for...


KDE : The path ahead

There used to be a time when KDE was the undisputed leader among Desktop Environments for Linux. That has changed the past few years, with GNOME gaining a commanding lead, but of course KDE folk are not resting on their laurels and they plan full steam ahead with KDE 5.