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Installing Linux : Reloaded

Many of you may remember my previous journal entry about Installing Linux – you can still find in on Driverheaven if you are curious. Well, after one and a half year that has passed, it’s a good opportunity to do a part 2, since a couple of days ago I decided to reinstall my Linux partition. The reason was rather simple really; I like toying with stuff all the time, and when you do plumbing after plumbing, the poor OS at some point sits down and says “I won’t take this anymore! Reinstall me!”. Well, I found some time the...

Windows Sidebar: where are the gadgets? 6

Windows Sidebar: where are the gadgets?

I am getting semi-irrirated by the lack of any decent gadgets for Windows Sidebar (yes, we’re still talking about Vista here). There isn’t even a decent Weather object out there with proper International support (the one that comes bundled with the sidebar gives me a nice “Service not available in your language or region” error.. thx MS!). Hopefully as Vista hits retail things will be much better in that aspect.


At last – Windowblinds for Vista!

Being an Object Desktop subscriber sure has its perks – Windowblinds 5.5 for Windows Vista (beta) is out, and it was about time, because I was already getting tired of the same theme all the time.