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Life after AMD… and a new theme! 0

Life after AMD… and a new theme!

As many of you know, I haven’t been a part of AMD PR for the past three months. The economic crisis that hit out industry took a toll in my (former) company as well, and many capable people were left without a job. So these three months served as a much-needed break from all this; after all, when your beloved subject becomes your job 24/7, sometimes you need to step back away from it all in order to fully appreciate it again. So, apart from some posts in Rage3D’s Off Topic, I stayed away from everything, on purpose. Well, that’s...


Dun dun duuuun… Spider!

So, with the cat (or should I say Spider) out of the bag, here are my impressions of the whole thing. I believe that, what AMD presented in Warsaw is the beginning of a new way of thinking for many consumers. These days, believe it or not, consumers buy products based not how much performance they’ll get for their €. Meaning, they decide that they have, let’s say €500 to spend, and then see what’s out there that can give them more performance. Let’s start from the foundation of the whole thing: the motherboard. AMD’s 790FX is probably one of...

Soo… back in Athens 0

Soo… back in Athens

After five days of hard work in Warsaw, I am finally back in Athens. We put some long hours there, making sure that everything was great, and I believe the AMD team did a great job. I do have some pictures of the event, but that will have to wait until Monday – but bear in mind that I am a lousy photographer :p


Back from London!

Oh I had missed England, I’ll give you that Two days that involved lots of work, but I believe everything worked out great. I do believe I was in hardware heaven :drool: In a few hours I will be flying to Warsaw for more work. Five days ahead of me, that I believe will be lots of fun, I will get to see familiar faces and friends again, and, of course, will help launching some solid products. For those of you who are interested, here’s a cool wallpaper for you, at all its 2560×1600 glory, so resize accordingly

…but before that, London! 0

…but before that, London!

My schedule is kinda crazy lately, I’ll admit it. So it’s London fist, this Friday, and then Warsaw on Friday. At least I’ll get some Dr.Pepper with me back to Greece

On to Warsaw! 0

On to Warsaw!

It’s been ages since I’ve updated this blog; I know. But I believe this is about to change. Anyway, lots of good stuff coming up next week, plus I have a certain trip to do On a totally unrelated note, I really wanted to install Windows Home Server yesterday – I had even assembled an older PC (AthlonXP 3000+, nForce4-SLI mobo, Radeon 9700 Pro :heart:, 2GB DDR1) for that; but my 40GB Hard disk felt unloved since the OS requests 65GB on installation. A big wtf from me to MS for that :confused: On the gaming front, I am trying...