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Facebook Home team seems to be no more

Remember Facebook Home? It was one of the most ambitious projects Facebook has ever done, a way to make Facebook the centre of your Android experience. That didn’t work out too well for them though, and it seems that the team behind the project has been dismantled: I think the whole project (plus the introduction of the Facebook Phone by HTC back then) was doomed from the start; the whole idea never caught on with the public. Some ideas did manage to spill to other projects, like the chat heads featured on Facebook Messenger at the moment, but don’t expect...


Game changer: Intel asked for access to AMD’s Mantle

Ah, the world of graphics… never a dull moment. AMD’s Mantle¬†shook up the PC gaming platform when it was introduced some time ago, and since then more and more developers (right now 47 of them) are pledging support to the API. Now it seems Intel itself wants to see what the fuss is about.


Amazon Fire Phone: The reason it will fail

The internet went abuzz with Amazon’s foray into the world of smartphones a few days ago; and the reason you saw no coverage here is that I am truly conflicted about it. Let’s just say I didn’t share the optimism many publications were writing about.