Valve to delay Steam Controller and Machines to 2015

After months of waiting for Valve’s Steam contoller and machines, it seems that we will have to wait a little while longer.

Eric Hope who works for Valve posted in the Steam Universe group with an update on Valve’s gaming PCs. Here’s what he wrote:

We’ve been getting emails from the Steam community asking us how our in-development Steam Machines are coming along. It’s great that you’re excited about it, and we know you appreciate it when we keep you in the loop on stuff like this, so we wanted to give you all a quick update.

We’re now using wireless prototype controllers to conduct live playtests, with everyone from industry professionals to die-hard gamers to casual gamers. It’s generating a ton of useful feedback, and it means we’ll be able to make the controller a lot better. Of course, it’s also keeping us pretty busy making all those improvements. Realistically, we’re now looking at a release window of 2015, not 2014.

Obviously we’re just as eager as you are to get a Steam Machine in your hands. But our number one priority is making sure that when you do, you’ll be getting the best gaming experience possible. We hope you’ll be patient with us while we get there. Until then, we’ll continue to post updates as we have more stories to share.

As always, we love getting feedback on the Steam Machine and Steam controller from the community. After all, you’re the people we want to be happiest when we release them.

Feel free to continue posting your thoughts and suggestions to the Steam Universe discussion group.

Valve hoped for a mid-2014 release of its platform, but it seems that this is no longer feasible, and that we are looking at a 2015 timeframe to see Valve’s efforts and to get our hands on the controller and gaming PC.

I bet this is the reason they haven’t announced anything about Half Life 3 all this time. It’d suck to announce a release date, only to take it back again and again. :p

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