How virtual reality is going to make everyone sick

It’s a classic weekend, aka thin on the news; so I found a rather interesting article on Cult of Mac about Virtual Reality – and how it’s not going to be better than sliced bread for all people.

The article is rather polarizing, and is of course the opinion of the guy; but it’s an interesting read nevertheless. Here’s a small part:

What makes gaming compelling isn’t necessarily the visual gimmickry you can throw into the mix. Sure, high-definition video makes current-generation gaming more compelling in some ways than the abstract pixel shapes of yesteryear’s arcade games, but that kind of upgrade only goes so far. Without innovative design, compelling storytelling and an unabashed concentration on fun, any new game — no matter how advanced the technology — is doomed to the dustbin of boring crap nobody wants to play. High-tech lipstick will not turn a digital pig into awesome entertainment.

After my son got sick of the Rift, I decided to try the headset myself. Sliding the heavy, view-obscuring goggles on was a little scary. (Who wants to block out their entire visual field? Not this guy!) But once I had them on, the game opened up before me. I stood inside a giant courtyard made of white square structures, with red hovering robots ready to attack. I truly felt like I was inside the game.

I had a moment of awe, and then I moved my head.

Things got blurry and nauseating pretty fast. The scenes changed a bit slower than my head moved — it was a little like being drunk, without the fun part. I can’t see myself sitting with one of these things on my face for hours of gaming. It’s just too weird.

Head over to Cult of Mac for more.

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