Intel and Samsung joining forces to bring 4K monitor prices down

4K resolution monitor (also known as Ultra HD) prices are still pretty expensive and out of reach for the majority of consumers. That’s exactly what Samsung and Intel want to change.

Both companies announced on Computex that they are joining forces to bring prices down and enable consumers to transition to the new tech. Here’s what the Inquirer reports:

In order to produce high-resolution panels for monitors and desktops, Intel partnered with Samsung’s display division to make the displays, which it said monitor makers can sell for just $399, or about £250. Intel said that this means consumers will also be able to pick up an AIO PC with a 4K display for $999, or about £625, which is about half the price of 4K PCs that are presently on the market.

Talking up the venture on stage in a keynote at the Computex trade show on Wednesday, Intel GM of its PC Client group Kirt Skaugen said that the firm believes the desktop is “a pretty unique opportunity” to make 4K displays happen.

“The fourth generation Core [processor] for desktop has always supported 4K resolution and we have some ecosystem investments from Samsung display where our goal is to enable making the 4K monitor at home in the industry by cutting the price in half,” he said.

Skaugen explained that Intel will work with monitor vendors TDP and Viewsonic to position $850 and higher monitors with 4K to $399 over time as well as helping hardware manufacturers such as MSI to bring AIOs, which presently retail from $2,500 and higher, down to $999.

Intel said that the 4K displays won’t be basic panels despite the low price and has promised 60Hz refresh rates, 100 percent sRGB colour gamut coverage and Technicolor certification, along with UHD resolution.

So far Intel hasn’t announced any more specific details about the pact or availability of the 4K displays, but it did say that no technology has been transferred between Samsung and Intel as part of the partnership.

Source: Le Inq

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