Just in time… Intel’s 2015 roadmap leaks?

In the “how convenient” department, two days after AMD shared with the world its vision of the future, Intel’s plans for next year seem to have been leaked. As the chinese edition of VR-Zone reports, there’s a clear path from the current Broadwell and Haswell chipsets to the next generation Skylake 100 series platform.

Intel's roadmap for 2014-2015

Intel’s roadmap for 2014-2015

Bear in mind that this is not the full thing, as it mostly mentions [highlight]BGA[/highlight] parts (the enthusiast segment is still [highlight]LGA[/highlight]-based) but it gives us a pretty solid picture of where Intel is planning to go next. The first piece of big news here is that Intel is unifying the consumer and enterprise markets; so one chipset for all. So this means no more fragmentation of features, and Intel is better positioned to drive up volumes and increase profitability in the long run, as the simplification of their product line is evident in this slide. Coming in 2015, the Skylake platform will give consumers a taste of next generation, as it will sport both PCI Express 4.0 (which is still in the draft phase at the moment) and DDR4.

Thunderbolt Alpine RidgeOther other important piece of information we can see is about the next generation Thunderbolt controller, code-named Alpine Ridge. With this baby able to deliver up to 40Gbps bandwidth, driving Dual 4K displays with a single cable (as opposed to using dual cables like the current version) shouldn’t be a problem at all. It will deliver up to 100W for charging, and will be backward compatible via an adapter. A reduction of power usage by 50% isn’t so bad either. 2015 looks rather promising for enthusiasts with all these new technologies arriving, so we naturally can’t wait to get our hands on these

Sources: VR-Zone, Bright Side of News

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