Swiftkey, the best Android keyboard, is now free.

One of the best (if not THE best) Android keyboards, and my personal favourite, is no longer $3.99 – Swiftkey is now free.

The software reached version 5.0 with numerous improvements; a major one is extensive support for themes that will be sold for $1. There are also theme packs, which include five themes, that will be around $3; and “Premium” packs which include 10 themes that will cost $5. If you had already purchased the app, you get to download a Premium pack for free, as a small “thank you” from the developers.

Other improvements include support for 800 emoji and a new prediction feature that will predict which emoji you might want to use as you type. There’s a dedicated number row, new language support, and an improved prediction engine.

So what are you waiting for… Go to the Play Store and grab it.

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