Upgrading GTA V visuals for the next generation

As announced, Grand Theft Auto V is finally coming for the next generation of consoles and the PC this fall. If you thought that Rockstar was sitting idle all this time, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

VR-Zone has a great feature comparing the graphics between the PS3 and the PS4 versions of the game, and the differences are more than evident. Just imagine what the PC version will look like:

Elevation seems to be something that the PS4 can target with more realism, along with the sun’s glare and more dense, varied trees. Notice the detail of small things like the shrub to the left. Marvelous.

Taking even just a cursory glance at the above screens and GIFS reveals that Rockstar Games has once again one-upped themselves with the PS4 version of GTA V.

If the screens are this good on the PS4, we can only imagine that they’ll be infinitely more grandiose on the PC. The wait has been long and arduous for PC owners, but when autumn rolls around, millions of gamers will be pushing their rigs to breaking points to get the very best visuals from GTA V–which will certainly make for some dazzling comparison vids.

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